High End Photo Retouching

You may be a photographer, who is actually good at high end photo retouching, but then you have no time to spend with your friends at the movies or bars etc. High-end fashion photography retouching becomes tough if you have photo shootings at a day time and simply have no other choice but to do it at night which is absolutely insane.

High End Photo Retouching Services we provide

For such cases, we offer our high end fashion retouching. In case you are an amateur photographer or you only start to make your way in this area, but you still want your pictures to resemble magazine covers, choosing us for the post production photography services will be very wise from you. Established brands of cosmetics and other production always do through an unbelievable amount of the high end skin retouching along with the other kinds of retouch.

We’ve been providing high end retouching services  being in this business we know the photo retouch techniques that exist in the modern world of the photo editing services. Photoshop is our instrument and our skills are unique because all of our employees studied Photoshop courses and even studied photo manipulation services in the US-based universities.  You can get our following services just for 5$, (which is one of the lowest photo retouching prices on the market

High end skin retouching

 Eyes enhancing

• High end retouching for lips

• Blemishes and flaws removal

• Skin smothering

• Dodge and Burn effect

• Skin toning

You cannot forget about the permanence. If a retoucher job is to provide high end fashion skin retouching for a certain photo session, the skin color must remain the same for each photograph in this set.

We offer you great eyes enhancing that can only be found in our high end photo retouching company because we have a lot of experience and your clients or you if you’re a model will look like a star from a magazine cover.

We can make your lips glow, fix your make-up, change your lips form in case you do not like them. They will look soft and cute, bright, if there’s make up and no one can leave them unnoticed, which is also a part of high fashion skin retouching Photoshop technique.

We prefer keeping your natural skin structure but getting rid of the wrinkled lines, acnes and other unsympathetic features. High end beauty and fashion retouching was always a difficult thing but still is a great instrument.

About Dodging and Burning you can trust us because we know what looks natural, and what doesn’t. After discussing it with you, we know exactly how to achieve the aim you set up for us and we will do our best to prove you that our high end fashion retouching is more than just good

High end beauty retouching – Hair

Extravagance was always the best instrument that allowed head shot retouching become unique. But most of the models love their hair and do not desire to change it permanently just for one and only photo shooting.

High end hair retouching includes:

• Stray hair retouching

• Removal of the hair that flies away

• Cross hairs removal

• Fill with hair some spots

• Shiny effect for the hair

• Hair toning

• Dodge and Burn effect


Stray hair is perfectly removed with the Healing Brush Tool in high end retouching in Photoshop. The same is true both for the fly-away hair and cross hairs. In case with the crossed hairs we often use Liquefy, just like with the hairstyle in the whole, because it makes it much easier and look more like high fashion retouching.

If your hair did not fall in the right way on a photo, there will be obviously areas without the hair. The Clone Stamp Tool is what helps us fix it on any picture. As for the shining hair, it is usually easier with adding contrast between the areas that are lit and that are shadowed – and thus it looks really natural! This is how high end photo retouching services work.

Some Example

More example in high resolution