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I am a professional Graphic Designer & Retoucher from Pakistan Islamabad .
I am so excited about producing great work – for the past 7 years I have worked at companies and studios in and around the city, building my skills and portfolio. Basic purpose of me & mine team to bring to take pictures from people and change them according to requirements and put’s smiles on peoples face

Now i have a team with a Photographer Retoucher and Graphic Designers in my Studio we are providing all kind of Graphic Design work also wedding photography and video editing work now i have started working on up work to provide our service to all over the world you can click on fiverr & up work to visit my profiles



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This Website is perfect for anyone looking to take their photos to the next level, We will give them that extra attention to detail and utilize my eye for shape, color, and overall aesthetics. We are looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Our Services

High End Retouching

You may be a photographer, who is actually good at high end photo retouching, but then you have no time to spend with your friends at the movies or bars etc. High-end fashion photography retouching becomes tough if you have photo shootings at a day time and simply have no other choice but to do it at night which is absolutely insane.

High end skin retouching includes:

• Eyes enhancing

• High end retouching for lips

• Blemishes and flaws removal

• Skin smothering

• Dodge and Burn effect

• Skin toning

You cannot forget about the permanence. If a retoucher job is to provide high end fashion skin retouching for a certain photo session, the skin color must remain the same for each photograph in this set.

We offer you great eyes enhancing that can only be found in our high end photo retouching company because we have a lot of experience and your clients or you if you’re a model will look like a star from a magazine cover.

We can make your lips glow, fix your make-up, change your lips form in case you do not like them. They will look soft and cute, bright, if there’s make up and no one can leave them unnoticed, which is also a part of high fashion skin retouching Photoshop technique.

We prefer keeping your natural skin structure but getting rid of the wrinkled lines, acnes and other unsympathetic features. High end beauty and fashion retouching was always a difficult thing but still is a great instrument.

About Dodging and Burning you can trust us because we know what looks natural, and what doesn’t. After discussing it with you, we know exactly how to achieve the aim you set up for us and we will do our best to prove you that our high end fashion retouching is more than just good

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching can be considered as rising quality and attractiveness of digital pictures. In this process Light room and Photoshop, being the most widely-applied modern editing programs, become rather helpful. Although retouching portraits is a matter of definite creativity, this procedure has some general and obligatory tasks, such as fixing skin flaws, eyes imperfects, make-up failures and dealing with color aspect. Undisputedly, this type of editing is the most asked if we take into consideration wishes of modern photographers.

A great amount of people tend to be sure that attractiveness of a portrait depends to a big degree on the skills of photo maker. But in reality that turns to be a great myth. Our portrait editing team will destroy this perpetuated and really old-fashioned stereotype connected with portrait retouch. Professional picture manipulators shoulder at least 50% of general success. They should have profound knowledge in various types of complicated portrait editing. Our firm understands to the fullest this demand. We present glamour retouching of portraits, HDR editing and various other brunches of portraiture improving. There is definitely no difference what type will be selected, the pleasant quality of provided options will be undeniably high.

That is exactly their task to turn ordinary shots into ready-made photo masterpieces. They are forced to face a great amount of monotonous photo retouching work. It is undisputedly difficult to do sophisticated retouch of portraits. Portrait improving specialists spend sleepless nights in order to touch up a portrait. It takes hours to improve digital makeup, provide facial reshaping, visual make-up enhancing and correction of all mistakes, colors changing, natural teeth whitening, disappointing double chin deleting. Furthermore, all skin flaws also need to be eliminated in the most natural and not artificial way. On the contrary, all these tools enable enthusiastic photo specialists to enrich their professional skills and unbelievable talents. For instance our unparalleled retouching team will present you with your valuable photos brilliantly edited. We are not closed to recently developed shot retouching tools and options to edit photos

Body Editing Service

Face difficulties with reshaping your model’s body, slimming face, enlarging breasts or removing cellulite in Photoshop, trust your photos retouching bros  the best body retouching service online.  Natural-looking and amazing results are guaranteed.

Photographers face many problems with body retouching. We receive two types of orders – 75% ask to enhance to body’s curves, 25% ask to enlarge breasts Photoshop or add muscles. Our retouchers provide natural and high quality photo retouching of all problematic zones of your model’s body. If you need to make body slimmer, retouching bros will reshape the body curves, apply body countering techniques, apply plastic surgery effect, make thin waist, skinny face, remove cellulite and double chin, elongate the legs, reducing blemishes and shadows, and use Dodge and Burn effect.

If you need a model to become more sportive, we suggest adjusting build, height, posture, making bigger breasts and butt, plumping lips, lifting nose and cheekbones, correcting makeup, making sportive legs, increasing ab muscle, adding tattoo, applying stylish HDR, dramatic filters.

Body Editing Service

This is a good Photoshop before and after body reshaping example for a boudoir photography. Stomach correction isn’t the only thing which makes the photo look better, some of the things you should always consider are legs and arms lengthening and slimming.

Level: High End

Price: $10

Body photo editing applied:

  • Body slimming
  • Body shape editing with Liquefy Tool
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Color correction
  • Cellulite removal
  • Making breasts bigger
  • Clothes photo retouching
  • Fingers/Nails correction
  • adding six pack abs

Photo Manipulation Service

You must have heard about the Photoshop because it is one of the most popular programs for photo manipulation. These days we feel the influence of this useful thing every minute in the internet and in the real life. Technology has left a mark on everybody. Computer progress amazes us every day though many of us don’t think about it as they should. Advertisements, promotions and other familiar things are captured everywhere around us. So it is not surprising that our society has high standards for literally everything in our lives. And photographs taken and edited by our hands have to be as perfect as everything else. And this is why image manipulations is demanded and needed.

Photo Manipulation Service

Modifications of the color and the removal of unwelcome elements like skin blemishes. So, as you see from the name itself, it concerns the technical side of manipulation. It is pretty obvious it serves to make a picture more alluring, eye-catching and easy to remember. The second kind is also a form of art and is used for generating some bright, glosseful, and thought-provoking shots for the commercial usage. It’s also very simple that they are created to attract the crowd, the public eye, to out stand, to remain unique from the whole range of production. It is the reason why the demand of this kind of manipulation is high, higher than usual. And it is no surprise: all in all, you want your pics to be competitive.


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