Photo Manipulation & Compositing

Professional and realistic image manipulation services for amateur photographers and creatives from $50 per photo. No matter what photo manipulation you need: head replacement, creative digital drawing, or surreal photo manipulation services, our retouchers will help you within several working days.

The list of photo manipulations you can order at Faizan studio starts with the simple background changing and removal or addition of objects and ends up with image conversion and high-end stylization. The turnaround is fast thanks to a large community of digital drawing artists and retouchers,

who work hard to provide you with amazing pictures.

Image manipulations applied:

  • Background replacement
  • Stylization
  • Color correction
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Professional manipulation
  • Head swap
  • Liquify tool
  • Add hair

The main goal of our image manipulation services is to take into account every little detail and carefully carry out all the editing changes regarding the lighting, model, foreground, and background.

This image manipulation service can turn your photo into a movie scene. The retouchers can draw rare animals or fantastic creatures, add any object/background and make the surreal digital drawings to make a funny or creative photo manipulation from your images.

Faizan Studio offers limitless possibilities to manipulate objects in a photo. We can replace an object with a new one or totally remove it and fill the empty space. If needed, we can add 1 or several objects, add various elements from several photographs, and even other resources.

If your photo lacks someone who is important, we can easily add this person from another picture and adjust colors, lighting, and shadows, so that the result looks absolutely realistic. Alternatively, we can remove people from photos, if a stranger accidentally got in the frame.

The popularity of photo manipulations is huge. You can find vivid examples of such image modifications in wedding photography retouching, mass media, promotion, advertising, design, and other related spheres.

Such artistic techniques allow much Photoshop experience and time, doing everything on your own may be exhausting. That is why many photographers address Faizan studio image manipulation service to get 100% fascinating results in a quick way