Product Retouching Services

Product retouching is a process of eCommerce image editing which includes color correction, clipping path, background removal/replacement, objects removal, etc. The main purpose of Faizan studio product photo editing is to make your eCommerce photos attractive for customers who want to buy the product.

Photo retouching and cleaning

We offer basic photo retouching, improving colors, removing inky shadows and fixing white balance to make sure your product images will bring financial profit. Cleaning is another step that is necessary for removing all distracting elements.


Product photo retouching services applied:

      • Natural Shadows
      • Drop Shadows
      • Cast Shadows
      • Reflection
      • Recoloring Elements
      • Remove Mannequin
      • Ghost Mannequin


      • Basic Retouch
      • Pro Retouch
      • Extra Retouch
      • Backdrop Color Changing
      • Add the Borders
      • DPI Correction
      • Compression

    Clipping Path/Masking:

    • Background Removal (Simple Object)
    • Background Removal (Complex Object)

Makeup Product Cleanup

There are different types of backgrounds you can choose for displaying products. A pure white background is a standard choice for all online selling platforms. If you need a transparent background for your images, we can easily make such edits.

There are situations when photographers ask us to replace an initial boring background with something more interesting. The main challenge, in this case, is not to lose an object against a bright background. We understand that the centerpiece of a photo is a product, while the background must favorably present it.

In addition to background removal and replacement, FixThePhoto retouchers can improve it by eliminating noise. Too much noise reduces the overall quality of product photos. There are several types of noise in images, and we can easily cope with them alll


The main steps in eCommerce image editing are color correction and background enhancement. To achieve perfect results, you also need product image cropping, contrast, and brightness adjustment, tags removal, background changing, watermarking, noise reduction, masking, and margin adjustment.


Image cropping involves removing unnecessary parts of a photo and allows highlighting the most important areas. FixThePhoto retouchers can easily crop your eCommerce photos to attract attention to the item depicted.


Another important stage of product retouching is following our customer’s style. This way we ensure consistency across the entire range of products and guarantee that clients will immediately recognize your brand.

Wrist Watch Retouching

Jewelry photos without any shadows look weird. Realistic shadows allow you to highlight all visible and beneficial features of the jewelry and add depth to images.

Being careful with all details, Faizan studio retouchers make shadows natural and realistic.

Adding shadows, we turn 2D photos into 3D images. This is also an efficient way to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other items look great.

Other things that affect the visual look of your jewelry photos are dust and reflections. Our experts clean dust and eliminate reflections on mirror surfaces. If a camera lens captures small scratches,

we can also get rid of them with the help of jewelry retouching.

No matter how hard you try to clean your jewels before the photoshoot, spots and fingerprints will be still visible on photos. For printing purposes,

Faizan studio image editing experts can easily get rid of such distracting blemishes with the help of professional tools.

We start with the most noticeable blemishes and then move to those that may be inconspicuous at first glance.

This is careful work that requires lots of time, but the flawless look of jewelry pieces is worth it.

You can indicate what areas require additional retouching or fully rely on our experts. We improve the jewelry images professionally that will definitely catch the eye of the target audience.

Winkles Remove & Cleanup

If you take e-commerce product photos with models, Faizan Studio can help you replace the current background with a new one, add realistic shadows, perform color correction and facial retouching. Professionally edited photos allow you to showcase your products and boost your sales.

We work with color temperature profiles, improve vibrancy to capture the attention of your buyers, get rid of noise, adjust the contours of the product and perform stitching to make your eCommerce images look perfect.

This is one of the most important stages of eCommerce image editing. We can remove a neutral background and replace it with a pure white or even transparent backdrop. We will alter the original background, depending on your requirements and the standards set by a particular online trading platform.

Reshaping can show more details about the product. The liquifying technique makes it possible to push or pull specific pixels without losing quality. We also use professional product retouching tools for improving symmetry to make your products look great.