Clipping path services make your eCommerce photography look great on a pure white background. FixThePhoto offers a full list of image clipping path services: replacing the background, resizing, adding necessary borders, picture rotating, etc

Clipping Path

Our retouchers will replace an existing background with a white one to make your product photos look more professional. Your images will meet the most recent e-commerce photo requirements.

If there are complex-shaped objects in your product photos, our retouchers will accurately remove the background.

Our experts will create realistic-looking shadows and add reflections so that it will seem as if your products were standing on the glass surface.

We will seamlessly remove parts of a mannequin from the photos of clothes and accessories to make them look more professional.

    • Natural Shadows
    • Drop Shadows
    • Cast Shadows
    • Reflection
    • Recoloring Elements
    • Remove Mannequin
    • Ghost Mannequin


    • Basic Retouch
    • Pro Retouch
    • Extra Retouch

Clipping Path/Masking:

  • Background Removal (Simple Object)
  • Background Removal (Complex Object)

Clipping Path & Winkles Remove

Clipping & Color Change